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Holiday Catering with Online Ordering

By November 7, 2013 January 24th, 2019 No Comments

The holidays are fast approaching, and with it, the chance to reap extra profits by offering customers catered holiday meals—either to their home or business—using your NetWaiter online ordering system.

For businesses, of course, you can offer full catering services for a holiday employee meal at the office.  A discount on desserts might be a great incentive for larger orders and can be used to motivate them to order well in advance, giving your kitchen more time to prepare those large orders.

For individuals, you can focus on complete meals, or perhaps a special menu item that is popular with customers around the holidays.  In California, and many other areas of the country with large Latino populations, Christmas tamales are a favorite.  Perhaps you have special mashed potatoes that are a holiday favorite, or an unmatchable recipe for garlic cheese bread.  Make sure your customers know they can order these items online in advance.  Consider offering larger portions of your celebrated dish – it could make a great potluck item that everyone at the party will ask about.

HOLIDAY HOURS REMINDER:  Please make sure your Holiday Hours are set in your NetWaiter Management Console.  You can pre-configure your special Holiday Hours for Thanksgiving, including the days before/after Thanksgiving.  To set your Holiday Hours within your Management Console, click ‘Location Information’ and then ‘Holiday Hours’.  If you have any questions or needed assistance, contact NetWaiter and a Success Specialist will be happy to assist you.

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