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According to AIS Media, as many as 89% of potential customers visit a restaurant’s website as part of their decision-making process.  If your website is adorned with attractive, appetizing photos of your top-selling dishes, you greatly increase your chances of winning over customers.

NetWaiter offers clients the ability to include photos of individual menu items as well as photos for each category.  We recommend all clients use these features.

Here are some tips on how to photograph items from your menu (with some ideas from Running Restaurants):

  1.  Get online.  Check out other restaurants and their use of photography.  Determine what you like and what you think would look good with your restaurant and menu.  Cheesy photography can certainly turn away good customers.
  2.  With the NetWaiter Management Console, you can add photos as they become available.  Set a goal to add 10 photos a month (or whatever amount is achievable).
  3.  Make sure your food is well lit, perhaps near a window with natural sunlight (but not direct sunlight).  Avoid using a flash, which is often harsh and tends to show shadows.
  4.  Avoid blurry photographs.  Try supporting the camera on a tripod or other steady surface.

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