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According to Technomic, about 55% of restaurant consumers order takeout weekly and as many as 24% now order takeout or delivery two to three times per week.

A major shift is the percentage of those takeout customers that order delivery. Ten years ago, 16% of takeout orders were delivered. In 2015, this number climbed to 28%. The delivery component of takeout is so big, that in 2014, more than $1 billion was invested in food delivery services, quadruple what was invested in 2013.

Needless to say, delivery is hot!

Thankfully, NetWaiter’s technology accommodates restaurants that offer and manage a delivery service. Combined with the NetWaiter Network – NetWaiter’s new site that helps visitors find locations that deliver to them – operating a delivery business can be even more profitable.

In addition, NetWaiter’s recently upgraded Broadcast Hub allows you to convey delivery information (or any other information) very easily. A message sent using your restaurant’s Broadcast Hub can be simultaneously posted to Facebook, Twitter, your individual NetWaiter site, and the NetWaiter Network.

If your restaurant operates a delivery service, here are some additional tips to make sure customers know everything they should:

Info on your Website. Smart restaurants feature their online ordering “above the fold” on their homepage. To emphasize delivery, you can change this message to be something like: “Place your order, and schedule your delivery online.”

Your On-Hold Phone Message. Your on-hold message should include information about delivery (especially if you offer free delivery). Use this medium to educate customers about your delivery service and how they can order (especially if you offer online ordering).

Update your NetWaiter site and other listings. Your NetWaiter site is automatically connected to the NetWaiter Network – NetWaiter’s new user-centric site that allows visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get daily updates from their favorite places. Make sure your delivery zones are accurate so customers visiting know where you deliver and that you can deliver to them. Your restaurant doesn’t need to offer online ordering to take advantage of the NetWaiter Network.

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