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How important is your restaurant’s brand? How important is it to maintain your brand online and have a branded online ordering platform to promote your restaurant?

This might help put it in perspective:

  • Public companies with strong brand recognition have higher stock valuations (by 5% to 7%).
  • A strong brand creates an emotional tie with your customers, and since 75% of purchases are based on emotion, it’s vitally important.
  • Employees at a company with a strong brand are 86% more likely to be happy at work. This figure drops to 11% at companies with a weak brand.

NetWaiter allows you to promote your restaurant’s brand with its customizable online ordering platform. This means the transition from your restaurant’s website to your online ordering site is smooth and effortless. This uniform ordering process helps build trust among your customers.

Conversely, when customers scroll through an online ordering portal, they are faced with pages of anonymous restaurants. Even when someone finds a restaurant they like, the entire transaction is brand-less, or rather, the branding of the portal is emphasized, not the restaurant.

Remember, 47% of portal customers, when they find a restaurant they like, will visit that restaurant’s website before ordering. If your website emphasizes your brand, and your online ordering platform also reflects your brand, customers will remember, and will come back to your site the next time.  Brands are powerful signals to help navigate a complex world and make choices.  Keeping the ordering experience as seamless and easy as possible will go a long way in winning over the customer and remaining top of mind when they make purchases.

Restaurants that post a link on their website to their portal listing are essentially shooting themselves in the foot. They are 1) sending customers away from their restaurant and those customers could potentially order from a different restaurant and 2) paying a huge fee to a portal to process an order for a customer that came from the restaurant. The purpose of a portal is to bring restaurants new business, not for restaurants to send them their business.

Strong brands also imply trust. There is always some level of anxiety when a customer types in their credit card number online. When you give payment information to a well-known brand, however, there is a feeling of safety. This is especially true when the payment information is provided directly to the appropriate business and not a third party.

Recently, NetWaiter took client branding a step further. When a customer accesses your NetWaiter site on their smartphone, they have the option to save your site on their home screen. When saving your site to their home screen, your restaurant’s icon will appear on their screen – giving your brand a small piece of “real estate” on your customers’ phones.  This is an invaluable tool for your brand and something to remember to suggest to customers.

You have a lot of time and money invested into your brand, and it is in fact one of your most valuable assets on the balance sheet. It’s imperative to maintain your identity online and with your online ordering system.  NetWaiter can be a powerful tool in helping you achieve that.

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