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A recent study by Restaurant News and the NPD Group reveals there are two things that, when combined, account for almost 50% of the repeat customers you lose – 1) customers are “interested in different foods/beverages” (26%) and 2) customers are “looking for better deals and promotions” (23%).

So, this means that about half the customers that don’t come back to your restaurant are either tired of your menu offerings or they want a better deal. The aggravating part is – you most likely are offering new menu items and specials, but just haven’t communicated it well enough to your customers.

It’s important to keep your customers informed – inside and outside of your restaurant. When it comes to informing customers outside your restaurant, the NetWaiter Social Widget can be extraordinarily helpful. Post information about new menu offerings or specials with your Social Widget and they can be automatically distributed to Facebook, Twitter, your NetWaiter site, and the NetWaiter Network.

You can also highlight new items with special promotions. For instance, try giving customers 50% off one of your popular items when purchasing one of your new menu items.

Another easy thing to do – blast out an email. Use NetWaiter’s Email Marketing System to identify customers that haven’t ordered recently and try to draw them back. Send an email to every customer that hasn’t ordered in the past 4 weeks and lure them back with a promotion or a picture of your new item.

Don’t lose customers because they aren’t informed.

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