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The demand for delivery orders has spurred the emergence of contract delivery services in almost all first-tier and many second-tier markets in the U.S.

Some of these recently formed delivery services are modeled after Uber, the on-demand driver service that has significantly disrupted the taxi industry. Contract delivery drivers and restaurants coordinate with each other though mobile phones and web-based apps to get orders distributed to customers.

Indeed, the demand for food delivery is so strong that some restaurants are doing as much as 50% of their volume in delivery (although restaurants probably deliver their own orders at those levels).

NetWaiter has long included various features to help facilitate online delivery orders.

One particular feature helps restaurants coordinate their online delivery orders with a preselected delivery service. When a delivery order is placed through a restaurant’s NetWaiter site, both the restaurant and the delivery service receive an order confirmation. The information sent to the drivers includes when the order will be ready for pick-up at the restaurant, and when the customer expects their delivery. The pick-up time is pre-programed and can be dynamically customized, depending on what’s ordered and the day/time of the order. The delivery time is then dynamically calculated based on when the order will be ready for pick-up and where the order is to be delivered.

To make it easy, restaurants using NetWaiter can configure their delivery settings to require delivery orders to be pre-paid. This is ideal for all parties involved because it removes the extra step of collecting payment from a delivery driver. Even if a restaurant doesn’t require pre-payment for their delivery orders, 77% of all NetWaiter customers choose to pay for delivery orders online, when provided the option.

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