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63%… and climbing.

That’s how many restaurant customers, according to the National Restaurant Association, have used technology to interact with a restaurant – including reviewing a menu, checking nutritional information, and placing an order.

Equally important is that most consumers, once they use a technology, are more apt to want to use it again.  Nevertheless, many restaurant owners remain hesitant about online ordering.  They site various factors and although they may not admit it, we suspect some of them simply fear technology.

Here are three reasons that should overshadow any doubt about online ordering:

Brand Engagement – Online engagement is critical for brand awareness.  The more your customers can touch you, and you can touch them, the more likely they will patronize your restaurant.  The NetWaiter Management console gives restaurants valuable data for analysis and the ability to reach out to customers via email campaigns (another form of engagement).

More Customers – Obviously, takeout expands your restaurant beyond the seating capacity of your ‘brick-and-mortar’ location.  Because NetWaiter can expand your takeout and delivery business, you are now able to handle an even greater amount of business.  Most importantly, NetWaiter online ordering increases repeat visits and loyalty, so you’ll be seeing customers more often, which is good for your bottom line.

Improved Efficiency – Without NetWaiter, your takeout business is limited to how fast phone calls can be processed.  Customers don’t have to wait on hold or listen to a busy signal. NetWaiter also increases the accuracy of your takeout orders – which is critical for customer satisfaction.  There are much fewer ‘do-overs’ (which can cost a lot of money) and fewer upset customers.  Happy customers = repeat business = more revenue.

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