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Curry Up Now, a restaurant serving authentic Indian street food in the San Francisco bay area, is using NetWaiter to facilitate online ordering in three of their food trucks and a brick and mortar location in San Mateo, CA.

“We love it,” says Akash Kapoor, owner of the mobile chain and San Mateo location.  “A successful food truck creates an immediate problem.  Customers must wait in long lines for their food.  By ordering and paying for their food online, customers bypass the line and get their food right away.”

Curry Up Now uses 3G and 4G cards to provide connectivity so they can receive orders on each truck.  They use Facebook and Twitter to inform followers about the location of their trucks and the availability of online ordering.  “Our locations are dynamic,” says Kapoor.  “Social media is an excellent way to let people know where we are.”

NetWaiter also designed an interface allowing Curry Up Now to display the location of each food truck on a map.  Using their Management Console, Curry Up Now can pre-set the location of each truck up to one week in advance.  On a custom map, the current location of each truck is displayed, as well as future locations of each truck if they are moving to a different spot later in the day.

Curry Up Now has been using NetWaiter for only a few months.  Kapoor admits that he has just scratched the surface regarding its potential.  He estimates that online ordering is currently responsible for 5% to 10% of his business on the trucks.

“We can grow that,” he says.  “We are working on signage for each of the trucks.  I know that will make a big difference.  We’ve only begun to market online ordering to our customers.”

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