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In a recent conversation with the manager of a specialty hamburger restaurant in Seattle, we heard a new and interesting idea.

The restaurant manager told us they use the restaurant’s answering machine to help spread the news about their online ordering system.  Takeout customers at this restaurant typically include employees from nearby offices, such as Adobe, Google, Getty Images, and many smaller software companies.

“At lunch, especially during the weekdays, we are inundated,” he says.  “It’s quite common for a caller to be put on hold or get sent to the message machine.  But while the customer is waiting, they listen to a description of how easy it is to access us on the internet, place their order, and pay for it.  We often get six and seven people coming in from a nearby company and they have all ordered and paid for their lunch online.  They walk in, pick-up their bags, and they’re gone.”

There are a number of restaurants that advertise their online ordering capabilities through in-store signage, messages on receipts, Facebook, Twitter, email, and others.  Capturing the attention of a would-be takeout customer while on hold is perfect.  We’ve also heard of some restaurants getting even more innovative, putting their NetWaiter QR code on employee T-shirts, or printing their URL or QR code on their tablecloths for dine-in customers to easily view.

Do you have a unique way of promoting your online ordering site?  Email us and let us know.  We’d love to hear about it!

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