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How to Build Your Restaurant Email Database

If your restaurant isn’t already collecting the email addresses of your customers, it’s time to start now. When you have your customers’ emails, it allows you to keep in touch with them even after they’ve left your restaurant. You can send them exclusive coupons or...

Customer Loyalty For Restaurants

Here at NetWaiter, we know just how important loyalty is for building a successful restaurant. In fact, a study done by Harvard University discovered if you can increase your regular customers by 5% and you could increase bottom-line profits by 25% to 125%. That...

What You Need to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

So, you have this dream to open a restaurant. That’s great! But before you dive in, there are a few things you need to do before opening your doors for business. You need to choose a location, hire a staff, and have a business plan in place among other things. To...

5 Easy Ways to Encourage Your Restaurant Staff’s Independence

Guest post from our friends over at Humanity. Small business owners, especially restaurateurs, often cringe at the simple thought of giving up control in their eatery. This reaction is completely understandable. You’ve invested everything in this restaurant and you’re...

Smart Advertising for Your Restaurant

Restaurants are no different than any other business. They typically fail to ask the #1 marketing question: “How did you find out about us?” This is the most important piece of information for making informed decisions about how and where to advertise.  You need to...

NetWaiter Launches Restaurant Loyalty Program for Online Ordering

REDLANDS, CA – Restaurants can now include a customer loyalty program with their online ordering platform, thanks to a recent release by NetWaiter, a premier online ordering system for restaurants. NetWaiter’s new loyalty program is integrated with the NetWaiter...

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