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It’s been a great year to be with NetWaiter. Here’s a quick recap of some of the exciting things that we’ve brought to restaurants and added to our comprehensive services in in 2015: , also known as the NetWaiter Network- A nationwide customer-centric site allowing visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places.  Is your restaurant a local +Favorite?  #LocalFave

New Order Dashboard See orders as they arrive on any device. The new Order Dashboard is compatible with all computers, tablets, and smartphones, and is designed responsively. Orders flash on the screen until the information has been viewed, and an audible chime can also be played to alert the staff, making it seamless to fit into your restaurant’s current order flow.

Social Marketing Features Link your social media sites to your NetWaiter account and simultaneously post one message to multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, your individual NetWaiter site, and the NetWaiter Network.

Promotional Enhancements Numerous new promotional options were rolled out to further enhance your restaurant’s ability to attract and retain customers. Others are designed to increase the frequency of visits. The enhancements include controls over the date/time, categories/items, customers, and more.

Additional Delivery Controls In addition to configuring custom delivery zones and parameters, restaurants can now identify specific delivery requirements per delivery zone, providing even more control to the restaurant and staff. This information is available to customers searching the NetWaiter Network for restaurants that deliver to them. The ability to work with local delivery companies is also possible, and a copy of each delivery order can be sent to your preferred delivery drivers.

2016: What’s On The Horizon?

Here are a few trends we expect to continue into the New Year:

DeliveryThis is a trend we saw absolutely skyrocket in 2015, and we fully expect to continue and gain steam in 2016.  Along with this, we expect the challenge for restaurants to maintain control of the customer to increase as well, as too many delivery services–that may offer a quality service–want to capture that information and not share it.

Customer CommunicationCustomers are on the go more than ever, and they will continue to live by their cell phones. Being able to reach them with key offers is important to get them to your website and to order online. How you reach local customers in a time-sensitive manner in 2016 will become increasingly important.  Expect social media, email, and the NetWaiter Network to all play a factor.

Tipping The issue of tipping raised its head in 2015, and it will no doubt continue as a question in 2016. Doing away with tipping means raising prices in order to pay employees higher wages. Experts warn, however, that in order to justify the price increases, the value of the meal and quality of service will have to be in line.

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